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Smartasses Magazine Top 100 - Female EmpowermentHard to believe, what is now arguably the most anticipated St. Patrick’s Day tradition around the globe, started out as a simple competition in a small bar… between two snarky dudes claiming to have the best taste in women. By 2006, those two smartasses launched Smartasses Magazine, and here we are now, with not only one of the two longest running Top 100 archives in the entire world, but with the premiere Top 100 compilation in southeast Asia.

We also hate to break it to you, but despite what those two gentleman’s notions may or may not have been back in 2006, we are not a “Men’s Magazine” and our anthology is most certainly not about objectifying women. It’s about worshipping them. In fact, in mid 2012, our illustrious female CEO even came up with the official SMAG mantra– “Never Objectify. Always Edify”. Which is a great way of saying that we’re all about featuring women who make the best role models for female empowerment– gals who exemplify getting what they want, when they want… and how they want. Whether she does that in vegan friendly heels or a pair of Chuck Taylors is irrelevant.

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The women we endorse also come from a much broader group of kick-ass chicks than the typical lad mags choose to recognize, where empowered women of sports, pageantry, the Internet, and countries outside of the UK & USA have either been ignored or pigeonholed by country. Not only do we give notoriety to all women of substance, when it comes to our annual Top 100, we narrow down the best of the best to just one thinkpiece of only the brightest and most inspirational women on the entire globe. The queens of queens, the princesses of princesses, the goddesses whom other goddesses bow to, and ladies who set the best example for the girls of the next generation. Likewise, no one ever said that SMAG wasn’t ahead of the pack when it comes to finding the new faces who all have the potential of becoming the next Megan Fox. Just ask one of those typical boys’ rags, since they often seem to pool from who we find.


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So How Does The Top 100 Get Chosen and How Can We Vote?

Confidence, fine deeds, and good looks get a woman on our radar, and sometimes even a great pair of shoes may bump a gal up to the top. But a rabid fan base and how well she interacts with them is the key to it all. Which means… visits to your lady’s bio page, as well as your retweets from our yearly Official Top 100 Reveals on Twitter (sorry gang, liking those tweets is NOT a vote – nobody sees that “like” except you, so you’re not really helping to spread the word about your favorite celeb) count for over 80% of the rankings each year! How much you choose to mash the social media buttons at the bottom of her bio page account for even more! So no complaining. We’ve included your favorite gal in our Top 100. It’s up to you to decide if she’s #2 or #99… or off the list altogether the next time around.


The Women Of Smartasses

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Women of Smartasses – Bios, Galleries, News & Links

When it comes to the Women of Smartasses we’ve inspected over 4,000 social networking pages for each and every gal you see here, and in many cases we’ve contacted the celebrity directly ourselves, to ensure that every bio you read on this site contains only verified social networking links, for Facebook, Instagram, official websites, Twitter and more. In other words, you can be sure you’re dealing directly with the celeb herself- not her fakes. It doesn’t stop there either. Each bio also contains the up-to-the-minute celebrity news you seek on each and every one of the crushes properly besainted within the pages of this webzine. Don’t forget to look and see if your favorite lady has made our world famous Amazing Gal of The Month column, Fifteen More Minutes entertainment column, or on an episode of our award winning weekly podcast, Smartasses Radio!


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R&B Legend Pebbles TNA’s Gail Kim Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih


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